Green Pumping

We have concrete pumps in our fleet which meet EURO 4 & EURO 5 emission standards which means that there is significantly less pollution from our trucks entering the environment. These trucks are able to work inside semi-enclosed areas with no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

This is not only great for the environment but also the workers onsite working in close proximity to the concrete pump. Occupational Health and Safety is paramount in today’s working environment and trucks which meet EURO 4 & EURO 5 emission standards are leading the way in reducing the toxins into the air that we all breathe.


Environmental Disposal

Concrete pumps are a clean way of getting concrete from Point A to Point B, but by the sheer design of a concrete pump there will always be concrete left over inside the hopper. In most cases the concrete is able to be disposed of onsite. For the rare occasions when there is nowhere to put the leftover concrete from the pump, we have a concrete recycling skip at our depot where we can dispose of the remaining concrete for a nominal charge.

The skip is collected by concrete recyclers where it is crushed and reused in numerous building materials. We believe that this service is not only benefits the environment it also assists the customer with mess free disposal of concrete.

In certain areas of Melbourne, builders can face huge fines from the council and the E.P.A. if concrete or slurry is found outside the building site. Our environmentally friendly disposal of concrete at our yard is a no mess no fuss option which can potentially save you thousands in fines and doesn’t draw any unwanted attention to your building site.